CS 1302 - Text

This text and accompanying solutions to exercises covers a second course in computing using Java at Valdosta State University. The first five chapters cover the basics of object-oriented programing. The remaining chapters cover various basic topics that build on the first five chapters. This text and accompanying solutions was developed by Dr. David R. Gibson under a grant by the University System of Georgia's Affordable Learning Grant, Round 19. Any questions should be directed to Dr. Gibson. This work is licensed under Creative Commons, Creative Commons License. Also provided are 16 labs (not a part of ALG grant)

Chapter Topic
  1. Ch 1 Text
  2. Code
  3. Setup Instructions
Object & Classes
  1. Ch 2 Text
  2. Code
Relationships between Classes
  1. Ch 3 Text
  2. Code
  1. Ch 4 Text
  2. Code in Ch 3 Code
  1. Ch 5 Text
  2. Code
Abstract Classes & Interfaces
  1. Ch 6 Text
  2. Code
Exception Handling
  1. Ch 7 Text
  2. Code
  3. Command Line
  4. Code-CLI
Text File I/O. The "Command Line" document explains how to use Eclipse to write and test code that reads a text file and can be run from the command line.
  1. Ch 8 Text
  2. Code
Collections: Lists & Sets
  1. Ch 9 Text
  2. Code
  1. Ch 10 Text
  2. Code
  1. Ch 11 Text
  2. Code
Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)